Monday, 31 March 2014

Everything will be back to normal

I hate PMS. You hate my PMS too. We both agree that PMS makes me super-duper-sensitif-and-also-like-a-bitch-that-you-want-to-slap-right-on-her-face soooooo much. My PMS this month that happens since yesterday also makes me feel like a dumpster.

 It's a word I invented. It feels like being dumped and being a hipster at the exact same time. Or you maybe said that on shorter term, weird.

Suddenly you became a jerk, all your flaws raised to the surface. I hate you and I hate myself because before all of this I've already accepted you as the way you are. 

But the most unbearable thing is the fact that I didn't realize all of this is a PMS thing. I kept telling myself that something went wrong between us. We shouldn't be together. And then holy crap. The reason come in. My period came 3 days before the marked date. Haha. 

But I know everything will be back to normal once you said you love me. Cause I know, I do.

I think millions of women agree with me about this, about how you feel when you are PMS. And dude, just bear with us. Be cool. Hahahahahaha.