Monday, 15 January 2018

It's her

It's her, Mom.

I know it sounds silly. For the first time and even until now. I know, you might be hesitant. I and she are too much look alike. We are strong-headed, with strong personality. She is so independent, high-achiever and alpha-female. Yet, it is her, Mom.

Not only you, everyone around me keep asking how could I bare to stand her fierceness. She is simply too independent in some sense. She looks like a leader whom I should say yes, not because she wants me, but because she is always right. She will interrupt me and get me in a way she want me to be. She will take action and lead the way. She doesn't need any thing to stand still and strong. She makes plan for high achievement and sticks by it. She will cuss anything that meddle her way without mercy. In short, she looks a like dictator. No man should approach her without being killed, or at least injured by her fierceness. Yet, it's her, Mom.

She has very strong appearance. She knows how to act strong and sticks with it. She always shines and make her way to the top. She is so full of herself. She knows nothing about the outside world, nor she even care. She closes her ears from the outside, never listen to anyone. How could anyone even imagine to spend the rest of his life with her? Yet, it's her, Mom.

It's her, because I know her. I know that she knows how and WHEN to act strong. I know that she is actually fragile, and needy, and soft, and very passionate about the one she cares about. I know that she loves to be nurtured, I know that she will sacrifice her life for the values she believe in. And I know, Mom, how valuable I am for her.

People see her image, but I understand her values. People see her acts, but I know why she made those acts. She doesn't feel the need to make the whole world to understand, she only wants me understand. And for here, that's the whole world.

So yeah, it's her.

For now. Forever.

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