Monday, 1 July 2013

Cicangkal, Nearest Town

If you have read my previous post, you'll know that I got an internship on LAPAN. So what is LAPAN and why I choose LAPAN?

LAPAN is an abreviation for Lembaga Penerbangan dan Antariksa Nasional, National Aeronautics and Space Agency. If you go to the website, you can read a brief history about LAPAN.
On 31 May 1962, Astronautics Committee formed by the First Minister of Indonesia, Ir. Juanda (as Chairman of the Board Flight RI) and RJ Salatun (as the Secretary of the Board Flight RI).
22 September 1962, the establishment of the Scientific and Military Rocket Project Early (PRIMA) Airforce affiliates and ITB. Successfully created and launched two rockets following Kartika series telemetry.
Dated 27 November 1963, the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (LAPAN) was established by Presidential Decree No. 236 of 1963 on Space agency. 
So, what's the researcher doing on LAPAN? Development and utilization of remote sensing technology, utilization of atmospheric science, climate and space, Development of aerospace technology and National aerospace policy development. 

Wait a minute, Nad. Aren't you an Informatics Engineering Student, Nad? What are you doing there?

Believe me, with this major, I can go anywhere because nowdays, all companies need IT :)
So what will I do here exactly? I still don't know yet. I write this post while I am waiting for my internship preceptor. After we meet, I'll know exactly what will I do.

So before I talk too much about my internship, I'll tell you about LAPAN's surrounding. LAPAN is located administratively on Bogor. Rumpin Sukamulya Bogor. But, it is so far from Bogor, and near from Tangerang. That's why my last station was Serpong in Tangerang, not Bogor.

On my previous post, I've talked about how the road was. How long it was. And when I said it's far, I really mean it. It's far from anywhere. Once more, F A R. To go to the nearest minimarket, I should take angkot first, only one food stalls and I bet I'll take all my breakfast, lunch and dinner there. So, when all of my friends are busy posting about their 'holyday' on Jakarta, I'm here busy searching for the nearest minimarket and food stalls :-D

But I think that's good, because actually I don't like crowded place. (Jakarta is too crowded for me). I think, LAPAN is right place for meditation since it is sooooooo quiet. :D
Guest House. Me and Luluk stay here for a month.
Well, since we arrived on Saturday while our internship starts on monday, we had Sunday to see around. Then we decided to the nearest town. Cicangkal. We bought things we need and also we go to the minimarket to fulfill our logistic.

Cicangkal Tradiotional Market
Aji also want to cut his hear to make him looks natty. We found the nearest salon from the market. Unfortonately, the 'hair stylist' was working alone while babysit her baby. Her Baby, named Apin, also called Aji as, "Papah... Papah..." :-D We never know that you have a son here, Ji :)))

Apin started to fret and cried. His mother change his diaper, but Apin still cried. Finally, Luluk offer to babysit Apin and the 'hair stylist' could continue her work.
Aji, feels handsome

Apin and Luluk
 After got his hair cutted, Aji and us decided to have a lunch on cafetaria and these are all we got for lunch.
Rp15.000 for meatball soup and tropical fruit soup
 After that, we went to minimarket. bought some stuffs and snack, and back to LAPAN. We had to wait for about 30 minutes on dusty road for Angkot to bring us back to LAPAN.
Aji and Dadang in front of MESS