Tuesday, 19 September 2017

How Did I Overcome Quarter Life Crisis

It was a breezy afternoon in South Jakarta, Indonesia. I was sitting comfortably on my chair with my office pillows (yes, plural) when I realized that I need to write what had happened in my life in a year after I shared my post about quarter life crisis. Why? This year has been the exact opposite of what I did last year when I posted that quarter life crisis and yes, I am enjoying it.

I wrote that the key of facing quarter-life crisis was let it go. No, it’s not a reference to any Disney movies. And that was what I did. I let my crisis went by. How did I do it? By sticking to my priorities in life.

I was in the middle of crisis and dilemma about where to go because the future at that time seemed so blurry. I rearranged my life priorities and talk about it with  close friends and family. I shared it to people whom I trusted and I am glad I did the right thing. After discussion with the close one, I decided not to pursue any career outside Indonesia yet. I went back home and working in a start up company which offer me so many flexibility and room to grow and learn. To be completely honest, I was looking for a job with flexible contract term. In Indonesia, it is common that when you resign before the designated time you have to pay for a penalty and this is what I always avoid. Why I need flexibility? Because I simply do not want to be tied down with fixated term.

And It turns out, I love my job. I love working as a Product Manager in the biggest e-commerce in Indonesia. I love the culture, I love the people, I love the product itself. I love that what I do in daily basis help millions of people in Indonesia. I love the fact that we bring impact to microeconomics even in rural area. I love managing the product, the people and stakeholder. I will be lying if I said I am never stress or under-pressured, but it is an honest truth that I love my job and how much it has taught me to be a better person.
My Squad at work

I learn to manage expectation, I learn to communicate better, I learn to strive for the goal and still being realistic. I love to motivate people and my team. I experienced the burst of happiness when my product was launched and users excited about it. In short, my job deserves another whole of blog post.

Back to my quarter-life crisis, once I focused my goal based on my priority, the vision getting clearer. What I fear the most about uncertainty in the future becomes my best friend and I can deal it with peace. Life is full of uncertainties and that’s the beauty of life. Once I set my priority, I start to see what does really matter for me that can bring me happiness. It is from within. It is never from anyone else.

Facing quarter-life crisis is not a hit-and-go battle. It is continuous process. Sometimes I still feel wobble in life and I guess that’s a part of being human. But when I do look back to last year, I realize that I couldn’t find happiness because I was busy looking around when I actually I should look inside.

If right now you still in the middle of quarter-life crisis, here is my suggestion for you. You should start to look inside to know what really matters for you. Have your priorities sorted and make actionable goal from that. Embrace your crisis. Talk to someone who you trust. Find peace within your own heart. It might sound too illusory right now but I can guarantee you that the fog will lit and you will see everything clearer once you start to embrace your own crisis. And yes, you are never alone. This too shall pass.