Thursday, 5 March 2015


Lately, I’ve started my phase of job-seeking. I decided to do it just now, when many of my friends who graduated in the same period with me already got their jobs in big company. Right now, I found myself worrying about the company will accept my application and choose me as one of their employee. Worrying? Yeah, this takes my time to thinking. Why I should worry?
Because my friends already get their salary and I am still looking for a job? Is that really a reason to be worried and not enjoying life? If I get the job, but my salary isn’t as high as my friends, will I be happy? Or still worrying?

When this question hit me, I found a really inspirational quote on a website,  that somehow ease me and give me another way how to see my life. (I recommend this website for you who are looking for inspirational quotes in different ways)

Here is what I found.
You can see the entire comic here at Zen Pencils

Yeah, what do I really wanna do? I was immersed in reading and writing back then in high school and early year of college.  I even declared, I wanna be a writer. Years pass by and this little girls inside me who really want to be a writer craves for help. What do I really wanna do? I wanna help this little girls and show her to the world. 

I am worried I can not enjoy life as the way it supposed to be enjoyed. I am worried I listen to other more than I listen to myself. I am worried that I always compare everything that I have to others. I am worried I can not be grateful of the life I have been had so far.

Life is not a race. Life is about enjoying life gracefully. Life is not about being the winner of the competition. Life is about doing your best and enjoy the process. Let’s enjoy life and start writing again!

PS : I am on my way improving my English. If you find any grammatical error, please kindly show me where’s my mistakes. I’ll be glad to be corrected.