Thursday, 3 July 2014

How to Understand Woman

"How to understand woman? They all never tell me what is exactly they want. Is that too hard to tell man straight to the point?", once my male friend asked.

Here is I tell you the secret.
The point is we do not know what we want.
The point is we use our feeling and intuition more than all you guys ever did.
The point is while you're trying to figure out what we want, don't get mad, treat us with patience. Scream to us clearly won't help at all. Mad at us just make us mad back at you.

"I never scream to woman". Yes you don't, but you slam the door.
"I have patience limit, you know!" Yes, and we do. Walk out with anger, make us 'afraid' of you, do not talk to us for whole day, we also need a lot of patience to handle those things.

"She didn't want to talk to me, what should I do?"
There are only two reason. You had not read this post yet before you did all the mistakes or maybe this post was written after you had done all the mistakes. So, bad luck.