Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Panataran Ekspress, Journey to Malang.

Last week was the first time for me to go to Malang by train. Actually, there are two options if you want to go to Malang from Surabaya, Panataran or Panataran Ekspress. The difference between thewe two are price and time. Panataran is only cost 4000IDR, meanwhile Panataran Ekspress is much more expensive, 20000IDR. But this price is worthed, you just need 2 hours to travel from Surabaya to Malang by Panataran Ekspress. That's why, I choose Panataran Ekspress.

My Tickets
On my first way, Surabaya - Malang, I was a bit dissapointed because the train was late due some technical problem. So I spend more than 2 hours on train. But, I enjoyed because it wasn't crowded. Here are some looks on the train.

Source power, you can use your laptop or smart phone with no worries of lack power

Usually, when I travel, I am worried about electricity since my smartphone battery can drop so fast when I am using it along the way. Altough I have power bank, I feel assured more when there is an power source (socket outlet) so I can charge my phone. I found two socket outlets in every seat, that makes me enjoy the train more!

The Air Conditioner is also good enough. Usually, in Indonesia when you travel using public transportation in economy class, there is no AC. But PT KAI ( Indonesia company that manage train) now has new rule, economy class also has AC.

If you go to Malang or to Surabaya using Panataran Ekspres on weekdays, there are only few passengers. But on the weekend, all seats are full.  So, I suggest you to buy the ticket one week before if you want to use this train. Don't buy it on the same day as you travel.

Here's the train schedule.
From Surabaya Gubeng Station 7.10 AM, 12.25 AM and 5.45 PM Everyday
From Malang Kota Baru Station 4.30 AM, 9.50 AM, 3.10 PM Everyday
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Panataran Ekspres
If you want to go to Malang from Surabaya, I reccomended this to you! Happy traveling!