Thursday, 9 May 2013

Balekambang Beach

Last week, I and my friends went to Balekambang beach. It is located on Malang Regency, approximately 5 hours from Surabaya. Actually, the road was fine, but we were getting lost first because the Google Maps gave us the sorthest path but it was macadam. -__-" So we spent an hour to get back to the normal road.

View Unit Wisata Pantai Balekambang in a larger map

5 hours trip worthed, huh?
So, Let's see.

Actually Balekambang beach is beautiful. South coast with big waves and fairly long coastline. What makes Balekambang more special is the islands! So, there are some skerries and on one of the skerry there is shrine! Wohoooo, You may said that it is the Tanah Lot of Java * I know it is exaggerating*

Another fun was flying fox. Have you ever flied above the sea? I have. Haha. Here's the proof.
I'm flying!

But, unfortunetaly there are trashes anywhere. :'( They make the beach looks dirty. :'(

Overall, this beach is worthed to visit :) Don't hesitate to come! :)